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Higher Ed Radiology Case Study from Heather Schmuck

This VoiceThread gives users a chance to critically think and problem solve a real life scenario. This specific VoiceThread is geared toward radiology students currently enrolled within a program who possess some knowledge of pathology and protocols.

9th graders write Children's stories about astronomy, Mrs. Edenstrom

I had all of my 9th grade science students do a Children's story about astronomy. They had to have facts, but tell it in a creative way that could be read and understood by elementary aged students! I had great success with this.

4th graders study plants in collaboration with Pakistani students

Students from the US collaborate with Pakistani students to learn about a common interest! This project can be used by teachers of any grade level, can be shown to parents, can be a model for showing kids the possibilities of the medium.

7th Grade - The Water Cycle from Britt Gow

Year 7 Science students did a unit of work on water and the water cycle. They were asked to draw a picture containing mountains, clouds, the sea, a lake, a forest and an underground water reservoir (aquifer).

1st Grade Science from Michele Green

First grade students researched fish in the library, used Paint to draw pictures of them, and then recorded their voices.