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Visual/Perf Arts

The Use of Works of Art in a 2nd Semester German Course by Dagmar Jaeger

This VoiceThread shows how students can engage with a work of art in an active, personal and innovative way while practicing new vocabulary and grammar structures in the target language.

American Art: Searching for Values by Constance Vidor

American Art: Searching for Values asks students to observe and interpret works of art from several different eras of American history. An advance organizer at the beginning of the Voicethread shows the students how to describe what they see in the image and then draw conclusions about what these details might suggest about values and ideas that were important to the artist or to the patron.

Higher Ed Aztec Art by Janice Robertson

This VoiceThread shows what can happen when VoiceThreads are woven into a 500-level graduate/undergraduate seminar on Aztec Art, and everyone has the ability to see what everyone else is doing--a surprise ending turns out to be a game-changer.

Higher Ed Pre-Columbian Art History by Janice Robertson

This VoiceThread shows what can happen when students have the opportunity to expand on class teachings and assigned readings, incorporating material of their choice into an art history class: in this case, a 200-level undergraduate course on Pre-Columbian Art and Civilization.

8th Grade - Colors of the Night from Mrs. Brosnan

My goal was to further enhance their Art History knowledge that by using VoiceThread enabled me to extend my teaching "outside of the class room".

K-12 art, poetry, and music from Erin Berg

This VT is an example of the power of collaboration using technology. This encompasses art through words, visuals, and music.

Higher Ed Online Learning from Michelle Pacansky-Brock

An engaging and dynamic lecture delivered within an interactive environment engages in a way no 'downloadable' lecture can.

Higher Ed Online Learning from Michelle Pacansky-Brock 2

By engaging in discussions, students explore and engage in course material more deeply while practicing critical-thinking and discourse.