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Once you’ve implemented ARISE, you can update the enrollment information on file as often as you’d like, up to once per day. This is how the system will handle adds, drops, and transfers after the initial setup is complete. When VoiceThread receives an update, that new data is processed overnight. Users will see their new enrollments the following morning.

LDAP/Active Directory

With LDAP/Active Directory implementation, enrollments are updated nightly, so you don’t need to do anything except make sure that VoiceThread’s bind account remains active.


A new CSV file can be sent to VoiceThread as often as once per day. Each file must be a complete snapshot of your enrollment information and will completely replace the previous one. Any omitted user-course pairings will drop the user from that course, and any new user-course pairings will add the user to a course. Note that every update file you send must have the same filename.

Update files are always sent in the same way, using one of the three file submission options available.